Judo syllabus, as a structured system of eduction, is not based on a personal preference or a particular style, it is distinct from other forms of martial arts that follow a particular master’s style. Judo teaching is based on embracing many years of experience in teaching and examining students from different backgrounds and abilities. It follows an entirely scientific and concrete basis. It pursues a particular philosophy and is mindful that the student needs to be nurtured from step one and as their abilities grow, move to new, further and more complex challenges. It is simply counter-productive to set tasks that students will not be able to achieve because either they have not been prepared or trained to achieve these tasks or that they have not been practising at their dojo under instruction. Such a syllabus is not worth the paper it is written on simply because it is impractical.

JFAUk’s syllabus closely matches and follows what students are taught and practise on the mat on a regular basis and what they are taught by the their instructor. In this process the instructor and the instructor’s abilities and knowledge of how and why the various techniques are taught and at what point new techniques are introduced is fundamental to the development and healthy growth of judo as is practiced.

JFAUK restores the authority, responsibility, faith and respect in the instructor to be able to fulfil these tasks without undue interference from outside. Once this relationship and responsibility is restored and recognised, for their part, the instructors, the immediate master of the judoka needs to make every effort to also elevate their understanding of judo teaching methodology. JFAUK, will make every effort to help achieve this objective by assisting the instructors in every possible way.

The JFAUK syllabus is a tried and tested guide for the instructors to follow to learn and to teach their students. Grading standards also relate to gauging how students are performing as well as how the teacher is teaching and also to encourage students and teachers to improve their standards and gauge their progress.

Judo follows a structured teaching methodology going from simple to more complex techniques, thought processes and changing environments. It simply is nonsense to expect one to make sentences before they can make noises or master the alphabet. Judo provides a method of learning and teaching how to learn. If follows a graded structure to achieve this step by step process. If this structure is confused and misguided or not followed closely, it sets in motion a process of progressive failures and alienation of the students from the master, the master from his tasks and the governing bodies and ultimately, the judo practiced becomes abstracted from the rest of life.

JFAUK syllabus is not put in place in order to bring about obstacles but to setup achievable and realistic benchmarks and to provide set step by step challenges that need to be met, mastered and in this process deepen one’s understanding of judo. JFAUK is committed to provide various courses and supplemental multimedia tools and aids to assist all in this endeavour.

Judo teaching is a strategy to build success. It is enlightening and mastering it, in itself, is a liberating process.

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